First of all, it won't cost you anything to have an initial talk with us on what you require. Come and have a coffee on us. Second, we listen intently to you before we suggest anything.

Many of our customers ask the same questions that you might also have:

  • I want to deal with just one supplier. Can they do it all?
  • I have a budget to keep to, but I don't want cheap or knockdown stuff. Will I be getting upmarket, durable and quality products?
  • I don't want my place to look like all the others. Can these guys make it somewhat unique?
  • I can't afford to wait 3 months for my furniture. Can I expect faster turnaround?

The answer to all the above is YES. Here's why.


KIAN is a Hotel-in-a-Box total furniture solutions provider. We handle everything under one roof, from design to production to final installation. That means you deal with just one supplier, not several different professionals. There's no middleman and no need for a tender and selection process. You'll save on time, design costs and headache pills.



As designer, manufacturer and assembler/installer, we are in direct control of the total time needed by the entire supply chain to get the product to your doorstep. We supply your furniture in the most economical, convenient and quickest way. The faster it's set up, the faster you'll get returns on your investment.



All our designer furniture collections are 100% original, available only in KIAN. KIAN products are of contract quality, require only low maintenance, and have future-proof designs.