Behind KIAN's success are our people. These extraordinary men and women design our products, run our factory, pick up calls, and go the extra mile, just to make sure that every project is completed beyond normal expectations.


Take a walk with us through our factory complex in China to see how KIAN products are made and what our extensive manufacturing capabilities are. We built this 400,000 sq ft manufacturing plant in 2007. It conforms to stringent worldwide standards (ISO 9001:2008).



We can help you to find particular furniture items which we don't manufacture. Using our worldwide network of reliable suppliers, we have quick access to what you require and at the best prices. More than that, we can also help you to consolidate your orders from these suppliers. You save time, effort and costs.



You can't buy heart; it must be freely given. Time and again, our happy customers tell us that the significant difference between KIAN and other furniture suppliers is our people. We work together as a team to overcome any unforeseen setbacks so that every assignment gets done, and done well. We have a commitment to do right by the customer to honour the trust given to us in every project we undertake.

What do our customers think of us?